Guest Reviews

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  • We stayed in the Sunset Cabin – It was a wonderful time with our family that we will remember for a long time! We can’t wait to come back again! – J. Schlarb
  •  My Trip was fantastic!!The fishing was good but I still have yet to catch a walleye. I caught 10 smallmouth bass, 2 pike, 4 sunfish, 2 catfish and 1,000,000 perch. Did everything i set out to do except catch a walleye. Maybe next year. During my stay I climed the dunes and visitedTahquamenonFalls which was really nice. The cabin was just how i remembered right down to the fish lights. Had a nice storm late one night and got to hear some great thunder along with the rain hitting the roof. I ate some pasties and had some smoked fish. One day i went fishing and thought it was about 11:30 and thought I should go in for lunch and when i got back it was 2:15! Time flies….. I had a great time!  Many Thanks, Tom
  • “My family has been renting these cabins for over 60 years, my grandparents used to bring me here.  Thank you for advertising on the internet, I am so happy to have found this place again.”  -J Goetz
  • Thank you for allowing me to bring my precious dogs.  It isn’t a vacation when we have to leave our beloved pets home.  It also saved us boarding fees. -M. Hart
  • Thank you Debra for being “flexible” and allowing us to arrive early and stay late!
  • We can’t believe we can stay literally “On the Lake” for $200.00 per night.  We made some “memories” for our family. – L Aldridge